“Why Norway?”, was the most asked question of the trip…till they saw photos of Norway then we’d get the nod of approval.

This sounds simple but I follow several photographers who photo in Norway and after seeing their photos I was sold and it became a check box on my Bucket List, my extremely long Bucket List…

Norway was the most mystic, beautiful, and untouched place I’d been to since Chiloé. I felt as if I had stepped into a movie scene…or a really beautiful car commercial, you know the kind that have the winding mountain roads with perfect sky trees combo, and it looks like the air would be insanely fresh?? Well it was. Most delicious air ever.

I fell in love with Norway in an instant and am already planning on going back *hopefully sooner than later* but the landscapes encompassed so much more than one could imagine. You have rolling hills in the southern parts with small islands off the coasts, then you have snowy mountains with little color that look similar to Iceland, as well as snow capped mountains with pine trees such as Colorado, there are flowing waterfalls everywhere *literally everywhere*, and to top it all off you have  the bluest water leading through massive fjords that will make anyone’s mouth drop to the floor.

I was either speechless or oohing and ahhing during the entire trip… and yes that is me sitting on the ledge at Preikestolen.

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