Lake Cushman

Made it to Washington!! I was super excited when we crossed into Washington, all the photos I’ve seen and everything I’ve heard about the state just left me wanting to explore and when we arrived at our campsite I was definitely not disappointed. It was the quietest and most secluded campsite I’ve been to in a while and luckily there was only one other camper who was on the complete opposite side of the site. We stayed at Skokomish Park in Hoodsport.

I don’t even know where to begin to describe this place or how I felt when there. The trees were numerous and tall and everything was a little damp from the air which was cool and crisp with luscious ferns everywhere. It was a dream, a quiet and peaceful dream.

We headed down to the Lake to see some of the clearest and bluest water I’ve ever seen…but then again everything is clear and blue compared to the Lake of the Ozarks aka party lake zone.

There’s a huge rock that many locals jump off in the warmer season and luckily there was a guy who climbed up there as we were taking photos of it. What was hilarious was that he later left a note on our windshield saying how he thought we were cute and to text him…he was with his dad and was wearing a highschool sweatshirt, adorable but sorry dudes were all from Kansas dayseven-4


I highly recommend camping here, but be sure to have heavy enough sleeping bags and sleep wear, also definitely a rain guard for your tent! It was gets damp and you don’t want any spillage to happen, also because of the dampness it feels a lot colder when laying still as well as the temperature drops pretty low. We were layered up pretty tight!

But was it worth it? Absolutely.



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