Day Two, Goin’ Strong

::Day Two On the Road::

Woke up in the beautiful Big Sur and started heading North

…but made a quick stop at the Big Sur Bakery for some tea and juice (right next to the tapHouse, so clutch)


Basic lowdown…We took photos on the beach, the water was freezing, but it was glorious.

ps the directions are tricky so drive slowly and the best directions came from the Pfeiffer Beach State Park Info Center

Our next stop :: SAN FRANSICO

We made it to the vibrant, perfect weathered city and had one thing on our mind…TACOS, and ironically we ate at taco restaurant called TACKO, try it I promise you won’t be disappointed. Get the street tacos cause every bite was MONEY.

Then we ventured up to the beauty, heads up it’s quite windy so it’s probably best to tie long hair back **my curs turned into tangled dreadlocked curls**

Later on we drove to our next stop at Point Reyes, continuation on the post…

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