photographing rockstars

Last week’s inspiration :: artists gathering to do what they do best, perform.

I had the opportunity to photograph some good friends of mine during their latest show. Not only did they perform in perfect sync, but they also invited other artists to share in this incredible experience. The Unity Hip Hop Crew performed choreographed dances throughout the night as well as during songs performed by Reid the Martian and Melita Irie. They also had other local DJ’s and rappers perform, and even a painter was creating portraits near the stage! The energy filled the room and the best part was that everyone was there for one reason, because they love what they do. They see their talents and they want to express and grow personally as well as build other local artists up in order to form a stronger community. This determination and dedication that Reid and Melita showed me was incredibly motivating and at the end of the day it helps to know that we’re all in this together whether that’s supporting, helping brainstorm, collaborating, etc. As a community of artists we should always remember to support each other and realize we’re stronger together rather than act alone with doubt whispering in our ears from time to time.

Thank you again Melita and Reid for putting on this fantastic night and letting me a part of it.

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