Planning, then planning again

Woke up to the weather saying Dust…

We called up a bunch of parks to see what the deal was and of course they chuckled and said the parks would be closed until they knew more information about the volcano, kind of figured that…So we went to Frutillar, which is on the north western side of the Lake. The ash wasn’t bad at all when we left Puerto Varas or went to Frutillar because it blew more east into Argentina, lucked out hard on that one. 

Anyways, we walked along the shoreline and decided to treat ourselves to a huge lunch, the town has a strong German vibe and so many, if not all the restaurants were german food. We ordered a massive plate of beef, chicken, potatoes, and different sausages and could hardly move afterward…literally, we laid in the grass near the shore because we couldn’t move, plus the sun felt amazing.

We went back to Puerto Varas that night and decided we would do some planning in the morning.

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