Vegetation Heaven

Parque Nacional Chiloé

This park was very easy to get to, just make sure you keep your eyes open for the brown sign to veer off to the right…otherwise you’ll drive an extra 45 minutes for no reason…

But! The road is paved the entire way and is a gorgeous drive. The road gets super winding so just a heads up if you’ve got passengers with motion sickness.

Now that that information is out of the way this park is great for a day because the trails are super long, about an hour each. Part of the park is open for visitors whereas majority of the park is saved for as a reserve. We didn’t get to the park until around noon and hiked all the trails, took photos etc and were done by 4pm. The diversity of terrain was something I’d never experienced before. You’d be walking in swampy areas and it would start to blend into a rainforest landscape without even realizing it. Then you’d come out of the forest and see tall trees with tall grass and it felt as if you were in Africa. You’d keep walking a bit and come across sand dunes that lead into pastures that were right next to a beach. It was so bizarre and exotic compared to anything else I’d ever seen in a landscape.






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