“Savage” Side of Chiloé

Parque Tantauco was unlike any other place I’d ever been. The road to the park entrance took almost an hour and a half to complete because of the distance as well as the ruggedness of the terrain. All I can say was thank god we rented a car that could handle it. Upon entering the park and driving to the first trailhead, which was another hour drive, it felt as if we had driven to Jurrasic Park. The leaves were massive and all the vegetation was so thick you only saw black after the first line of trees. Locals call it the “savage side of Chiolé” and I would completely agree with that. The only thing that wasn’t savage about it were its animal life. There’s only a small selection such as the pudu (very small deer), the wooly fox, and a wild cat. All very small animals in order to fit through the dense vegetation. The park was amazing and had several similarities with Parque Nacional Chiloé, such as the swampy portions blending into the rainforest.

IMG_6675 Got to clean your shoes before adventuring in order to not harm the frogs!


Suspended bridge, max 1 person



IMG_6796 IMG_6808 IMG_6833 IMG_6854 IMG_6886 IMG_6888 IMG_6898 IMG_6899 IMG_6901

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