Final Chilean Days


The night of the 27th we took an overnight bus in order to end up in Santiago the next morning. We decided to fit in one last excursion and had strategically planned it so we could easily get to the wine tour with time to spare…funny how these things continually never worked out for us. We didn’t realize that the morning traffic outside of Santiago would add on an extra 3 hours, instead of assuming we’d get in at 5am it was closer to 8:30am, bit of a shock when we woke up on a bus that was in bumper to bumper traffic.

When we finally arrived to the bus station we grabbed our massive backpacks and headed straight for the metro, which was incredibly crowded of course. After the 45 minute ride of stuffy metro car air we darted out and went straight to the apartment. Now when I mean we headed straight there, I mean Josh was in a fast walk and I was in a slight jog, with backpacking backpacks on, sweat dripping, and not the cleanest of clothes..basically we were a sight to see. Luckily we were able to brush our teeth and swipe some deodorant before sprinting back out the door.

Of course the winery we go to is lined with cobble stone, horses in pastures, dark wood trim on everything…and here come Katie and Josh just strolling up in sweaty t-shirts and muddy boots. Once we finally made it to the winery we realized we hadn’t eaten anything since the night before so tasting that wine put on a nice little buzz. Cousińo-Macul had a fantastic tour of the process of making wine and offered bike rides during part of the tour. It was nice treat to end the vacation.

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