sunflower game strong

If you’re going to keep visiting this site, which I strongly hope you do….you’ll most likely be seeing a lot of my friend Bethany, aka B. She’s the lens to my camera, the corn to my dog, the diet to my coke…

More importantly she’s more than willing to get up at 5 am for a sunrise shoot and even better than that, she’s always ready for photo adventures where the trail isn’t always neatly marked out. However, for this particular summer day we set our alarms and visited the largest sunflower farm Lawrence, KS.

I had never been to a sunflower farm, let alone one that was several acres. For a split second I thought we were lost when driving there, until I turned to the driver side and saw nothing but gold. They were the most radiant flowers I had ever seen and to see the morning sun hit them at the perfect time was truly a memory I’ll never be ungrateful for.


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