meeting new faces

a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking a little road trip up to Lincoln, Nebraska with my dearest photo friend, Bethany. we went for a photography workshop hosted by the ever creative and extremely personable, Wyn Wiley.

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he gave me a new outlook on photography and helpful hints to continue my journey in finding a career path that suites my personality and interests. basically, this workshop gave me a breath of fresh air from the constant stack of rejection letters or the ever famous line…”need at least 2 years of experience with _________.”

sometimes you need that encouragement from an outside source. numerous times I hear “you can do it” or “you need to keep your options open and apply for everything” from my parents or fellow friends and while I do believe them and am grateful for their positive vibes, it is nice and reassuring to hear those same thoughts from a person I just met.

thanks Wyn for everything….especially all the diet cokes and fruit snacks

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