down in the south

there were plenty of dumbfounded looks when we told people we were going hiking in Arkansas over the winter break….sure it was only 15 degrees out, and of course majority of vegetation was brown, but when you’re stuck inside all day long working at a taco restaurant, you really appreciate sun on your face and wind through your hair…even if your fingers are starting to lose feeling.

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the best part of going during winter was there were little to no people on these trails. these highly populated scenic areas usually bring in numerous people to where getting a photo without someone in the frame is nearly impossible. plus, the outdoors are more enjoyable when it’s near dead silent. I grew up in Arkansas and took several family trips around the Buffalo River area and always saw it as a highly dense dark green place, but when hiking during the winter majority of the leaves had fallen and you could see even farther and grasp more details of the mountains.

basically, I highly recommend hiking in Arkansas in the winter. it was cold, but just several layers with hats and gloves make a world of difference especially once you get moving and get the blood flowing.

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